Road Trip …off grid ..Dirang

“Stop worrying about the potholes and enjoy the journey ” – Bobs Hoffman

Journey to Dirang from Tezpur is quite horrifying and frightening as the narrow road unwinding into the hilly terrain turning,twisting and curling ,leaving behind gushing rivers, steep gorges, hurrying waterfalls and aligned pine trees across the road.

Zig-Zag road Arunachal Pradesh

“Adventure is worthwhile” – Aristotle.

Dirang is the lesser known hill station situated in the lap of the eastern Himalayan range . This small hill station greets its visitor with spectacular lush green mountains , rattling waterfalls , roaring dirang river and magnetic kiwi and apple orchard . Whole view will awe struck you .

This majestic place is ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life . This small off grid spot couldn’t give you the luxurious experience but it can offer a chance to unwrap yourself in the midst of tranquil and serene atmosphere on the top of that a peace of mind.

Sangti river Dirang

The unapologetically beautiful hill station is approximately 200 kms away from Tezpur . Historically , its importance rests in the fact that this was the place where the incumbent of Dalai Lama was received by an envoy of Indian government on his escape from china.

Tourist Spots not to be missed :

  1. Dezong :

This fort was made to protect Bomdila, from its neighbouring kingdoms during the 17th century. Fortress stand tall in the face of its foe. During historic vithenam war and in the world war the Dezong was used as jail as well as shelter home.

Moreover, this place was a large battlefield of ruler of Tawang and the Mongolian invader from China in the 16 th century.

Though it is in the verge of ruins, every stone of the fort speaks out loud its history.

White color ancient monastery Dirang

Dirang Basti is a few kilometres away from the main Dirang town which houses Dezong. Dezong is a stone house constructed in ancient Buddhist architectural design , greatly influence from the architectural style of our adjacent neighbouring countries Bhutan and Tibet . Some of the Dezong is as primitive as 500 Years . You will be welcomed to Dazong by a stone staircase which runs to a gate and a prayer wheel, traditional buddhist mantra “om mane padme hum ” is written all over it.

Small village is situated in and around the Dezong . The horizon of the whole area from Dezong is stunning.

2 . Sangti Valley :

The paranomic valley is 30 km from the Dirang . It is 36 minutes ride from the main town, lies in the Eastern Himalayan . Though the valley has motorable road, the best mode to explore the valley by foot. It is renowned for its terrific landscape, situated right near the Sangti river bank.

“Collect the moment , not things “- Unknown

There is nothing much to do . The Best way to spent time by getting cosy with the nature , relaxing , taking a sip of local tea ( milk and butter tea ) , reading a favourite novel and watching animals grazing nearby nearby the river.

Horse loitering sangti river bank

If you are lucky enough you may encounter Black Neck Crane , migratory birds . This rare bird which is found only in colder regions like Bhutan and China . This exotic Crane comes every year in the valley to breed.

Rare black neck crane migratory bird

You may opt for trekking and camping . While trekking You make way to Apple and kiwi farm . Stroll around the beautiful Kiwi and Apple orchards and enjoy the pleasant weather.

Red ripe apple orchard nursery

You can even taste the ethnic delicacy Thukpa (soup noodles) , Fing ( spaghetti with fermented cheese ), Tee momos ( steamed dough ) and Ara ( local alcoholic beverage ) .

“To travel is to evolve” – Pirre Bernado.

One thing we find out from the natives is how to lead a happy life in a minimalist means. Houses are built of woods, furniture are made of bamboo and even the clothes worn by them are interwoven by a traditional method. You will be baffled to discover how the ethnic tribe ( Monpa ) endure their lives in harmony with the nature . You will take a lifetime experience and knowledge that’ll be cherished life long.

3 . Hot Spring :

Garam Pani ” is the local name of hot spring .It is considered holy , located a few kilometres away from the townsfolk. Need to climb down a series of stairs to arrive at the hot springs. It is conceived that this small spring has magical healing power . The holy spring has medicinal properties , as the water is rich in sulphur content . Hence this magical hot springs can cure all types of skin diseases . A plunge in the spring is must to get rid of all sorts of dermis problem and to rejuvenate.

Hot water spring Dirang

4 . Kalachakra Monastery (Gompa) :

This grandeur monument alias Gompa is 500 years old . It is sited at the top of Kalachra village. In 1983 His holiness Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of bhuddist had intiated the kalachara religious ceremony at this monastery . You can interact with the monks residing in the Gompa learn about its mysterious history and Mahayana Bhuddist philosophy. Enchant mantra ‘s in the pious and serene environment . Dive into spiritual and holistic experience .

Kalachakra monastery Dirang

5 . National Research Center on Yak :

This research center is walking distance from the Dirang Town . The Yak research center is established to conserve and bring improvement in yak varieties. Nearly 500 different varieties of yaks are there. This institute is one of the biggest research institute on yak in India. Apart from the conservation of yak it also educates the locals regarding th rearing of yak scientifically. It is one of the must visit tourists spots .

Yak research center Dirang


“Life is a either a daring adventures or nothing at all ” – Hellen killer

National Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports is one of kind of institute in Arunachal Pradesh . It is situated at the elevation of 800 feet, spread over 52 acre areas . The campus of the Institute has hostels . It provides wide range of adventrous activities apart of mountaineering course .It offers paragliding , skiing, canoening ,river rafting many more . Adventure seekers may have thriling experience, iceing on the cake is phenomenal view of Dirang valley from NIIMAS.



Thembang is one of the oldest villages in India, located a few kilometres from Dezong.The ancient hamlet is situated at an 2300 altitude. It is surrounded by green forests mountains , steep gorges and cloud hovering mountains. It is very peaceful and charming village .

Its rich historical and cultural importance trace back to medieval era . During that era this village was governed by the powerful ruler Thembang Babu, descendants of the king of Tibet. It has seen many wars, evident from two huge walls of stone used as forts for the protection of the hamlet.

Thembang village world heritage site Dirang

Till yet modernization and urbanization haven’t touched this beautiful old village. It is the best place to witness the traditional lifestyle and rich cultural heritage of Monpa ethnic tribal community .

8.TDL monastery :

Thumsang Dhargye Ling Monastery is the newest monastery which is inaugurated in 2017 by His holiness Dalai Lama . Architecture of monastery, its decoration and painting is worth watching . There is guest house for visitors inside the monastery premises.

It is a centre of learning buddhism philosophy for all , even foreigners can learn . Locals they come to monastery to learn Tibetan , Buddhism philosophy and pray , keep its culture alive.

TDL monastery Dirang

9. 108 Stupas :

108 Stupas is commonly known as” 108 Mane ” located on mandela hilltop at the height of 3204 m , around 10 km from Dirang . 108 Mane is the first of its kind in India. 108 pillars are built in five concentric circles where the mantra “om mane padme hum” is inscribed on them .

108 stupa at Mandala Dirang

Chanting of these mantra 108 times regarded as dharmic practice . It is believed chanting of the mantra bring our body , mind and soul in alignment revealing deep wisdom for tolerance . The chanting of this mantra helps in eliminating negativity and evil thoughts . Inscription of the mantra is very prominent in all religions place in buddhist areas

Mandela Top is an important religious site apart from that it has rich biodiversity . This place attract religious pligrims and tourist.

HOW TO REACH : Arrive Guwahati either by Airways or Railways. Take ASTC bus or Cab to Dirang. Hiring cab would be quite expensive.

WHERE TO STAY : Hotels and homestays are available in and around Dirang.

FOODING : Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian cuisine are served in every eate.


  1. It’s always interesting to read about India. Hopefully one day, we will make it there. I wish your lovely pictures were bigger so I can see more it. I love how you wove quotes into your post collecting the moments is something I try to (and not always successful). (fyi correct spelling is Helen Keller) :).


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