Spare time……to explore….beauty of nature.

We forget the important things in our lives and keep on worrying about useless things. We often forget to observe carefully,fail to attend minute details which make our lives worth living. In the pursuit of happiness, we get tangled in the scaffolding of anxiety, deeper and deeper. To break away the grip of scaffolding seems impossible. We tend to become farsighted when it comes to happiness. We need to be myopic to see the and literally to feel the abundance of happiness around us. Somebody has rightly said “happiness is the state of mind and body”. I would remember today’s morning for ever. I usually wake up late, but today I woke up early as I have important work to complete. I have finished my work . I have still more time in hand. I did not know what to do with it. I decided to do what I have been thinking about a year. So, I grabbed my phone and went outside. I have been thinking of improving my photography skills. Going close to nature is the best way to start . I felt cool soothing breeze which was quite refreshing. My skin felt light and calm.Gushing of winds felt healing music to my ears .Rustling of leaves filled my body with the vibrant energy.It was the most amazing morning,I ever experienced. For the first time I realized that I have such a pristine and beautiful nature around me. My heart filled with gratitude and felt blessed.

Picture trees


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