Journey has just begun……..

Travelling has always been my passion. Since childhood it has been my aspiration. I was born and brought up in the below middle class folk. Money was always been a cause of vexation. it always seems a distant dream. My mind and soul randomly travels to an obscure spot. Sometimes it swims with with Dolphins, other times it flies with the white cotton clouds. Later its trek along the mountain ranges covered with snow. Travelling means different things to different people, but for me, it’s the medium through which I can feel the gentle wind of freedom. Just the thinking of travelling to an unexplored place, makes me sick, excited and filled me with umangious energy. The feeling which I experience could not be explained with words. Words are not enough to convey. I have always been a wishful thinker.Throughout all the time, I simply wanted to travel. I have no idea how to follow up on my passion. I don’t possess the right resources and information. My parents and friends laughed at me whenever I partake in my thinkings. They reckon I’m crazy, foolish chasing wild dream that never turn into realities. When I became an adult… my desire to travel grew bigger and larger. My fascination reaches the zenith. I started to assemble all the necessary information needed to fuel my undying passion to see the unknown, unheard and unexplored places.I started living my dream at the age of 35.Being a single women its quite difficult as well easy to be a backpacker at the this age.Difficult cause we have to think about our financial security and easy as we don’t have the responsibility and liability. The joy ,the happiness and peace I experienced is unprecedented. The journey has already begun……….


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