Mystery Blogger Award

Hi!! Guys, once again I have been nominated for an award. This time Mystery Blogger Award. I have been nominated by two wonderful persons:¬†Rising Star and Harina’s Blog. I would like to thank both of them for the nomination.¬† I’m honored and moved by their kind gesture. Rising Star is an author of ” It’sContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”

Sunshine Blogger Award

I’m thankful and grateful that Rising Star nominated me for this award. He is the author of Ideal Inspiration Blog. He writes Motivational and Self-Help posts. Inspire others through his power pack writing. He posts useful blogging tips that are very helpful for amateur bloggers like me. He is an amazing photographer, you see theContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Journey has just begun……..

Travelling has always been my passion. Since childhood it has been my aspiration. I was born and brought up in the below middle class folk. Money was always been a cause of vexation. it always seems a distant dream. My mind and soul randomly travels to an obscure spot. Sometimes it swims with with Dolphins,Continue reading “Journey has just begun……..”

Spare time……to explore….beauty of nature.

We forget the important things in our lives and keep on worrying about useless things. We often forget to observe carefully,fail to attend minute details which make our lives worth living. In the pursuit of happiness, we get tangled in the scaffolding of anxiety, deeper and deeper. To break away the grip of scaffolding seemsContinue reading “Spare time……to explore….beauty of nature.”