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The Famous Joshua trees … their adventurous spirits are in a constant dance of trying to figure out which direction would be the very best to grow their branches and outdo their neighbor. Which kind of ends up looking a dysfunctional struggle of trying to find the right direction… but it is exactly that, that makes them so beautiful.
They’re slow growing and some years they may not even grow at all. Their age? Impossible to tell as they don’t grow rings. On top of that, they aren’t actually trees! They are a kind of yucca, a succulent that stores water. But not just any yucca, they are the largest yucca and they grow only in the Mojave Desert.

The Joshua tree got its name from Mormon settlers who crossed through the area in the 1800s. The shape of the Joshua trees reminded them of a story from the bible…

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Trip to Darjeeling and Gangtok……

Hello guys!! A warm welcome to my blog.It’s been long time since my last blog post but I’m back now.

It was a summer holiday, I wanted to get away somewhere but didn’t know where. I was totally confused. I googled the destination to be travelled in monsoon. I came across so many names, but I pinned on Darjeeling, Kamlimpong and sikkim because I love mountains, rivers and woods .

I love to move around alone, but this time I thought  to go with my brother. My youngest brother too had vacation.  I felt he would get bored during the trip as there is huge age gaps  between us. And then, I had decided  to take one of his  friend.

So I had done a bit of research about the areas as I was taking two children along with me.I have to be extra cautious. I am a kind of person who doesn’t plan much ahead of a trip. For the very first time I had designed the itinerary carefully keeping in mind the kids’ preferences.

I rightfully believe that travel teaches the kids to take responsibility. It imbibes child  to be more tolerance and acceptance moreover it promotes incredible socialization.

I had doubts whether the youngsters would be able to enjoy the trip or  would I be able to enjoy the trip with them ???

I booked the flight tickets and hotels .The kids were too excited about the trip.Finally , we boarded the flight to Bagdogra from Guwahati. It landed at Bagdogra Airport after One hour. It was a short journey by flight . It was round 3 o’clock in the evening. We got a cab from airport to a Siliguri taxi stand from there I booked three Sumo tickets to Darjeeling.

It was extremely hot and humid. The high temperature was unbearable.We were drenched in sweats. The kids were hungry. We checked out  the eating place, unfortunately, didn’t find a good one. There were  small food stalls on the roadside.We resolved to  try one of the stall. It serves momo(stuffed dumpling), thukpa (soup noodles) , bhaale( puri and peas curry) and maggi .We have had momos . Trust me ,it was the delicious momos I ever had.I realised we don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to have the best food.Even the small wayside stall could provide wonderful food.

We were waiting for the sumo to start. The Sumo does not move until and unless they fill the requisite number of passengers. Almost 4 o’clock in the evening, it started its journey and we felt relieved.

Journey to Darjeeling from Siliguri was amazing, our vehicle went on leading through a beautiful landscape. The cool gentle wind, the fluttering colourful flags ,woods across the road , the  soaring Teesta river and  the slowly hiding sun behind the mountain.I could not ask more at that moment. I simply wanted to halt the moment forever. Both the children were enjoying the stunning panoramic views.         

We reached almost around 7 o’clock in the evening. It was cold and drizzling and the whole town was illuminated. It seemed like the stars were landed on the earth. We checked in at a hotel named Cornville. To our dismay, it was found  out that my luggage was exchanged with one of passenger from Delhi. He was a courteous gentleman. We have had  great a conversation on the way. It was disclosed during the conversation that he is a travel blogger. I was worried about the luggage, but thanks to the gentleman, he came to our hotel to return my luggage in that very evening as he knew where I was resting. I was so glad to see him in the hotel’s reception holding my luggage.

We were exhausted and hungry, so we took in dinner and curled inside the blanket. Following day we woke-up at 6 am in the morning, in front of the bed there was huge glass window which lead to a balcony. I spread out the curtain, I was awestruck, the view from the balcony was phenomenal. The lodge is located in the crown of a hill. The entire Darjeeling town and far off mountains were visible . It was cloudy and foggy, it felt like the whole area was encompassed by the white velvet snow.

                        Darjeeling town

We got ready and set out to explore the place. It was cold, even though  it was summer, but the weather was rather pleasant. It was so serene and beautiful. People were still in their bed.There were no vehicle running on the road . We walked down  the steep street,finally the reached market area. Most of the shops and the restaurants were still shut. The whole area was decorated with the flags of different countries as FIFA world cup was going along. The Town and the street were looking quite colourful and vibrant.I guessed the folks of Darjeeling loved soccer.

We looked for a restaurant to have breakfast, we landed in one of the oldest and popular restaurant “Caventers ” . It was an open restaurant with patio. We stuffed our stomach with fabulous food. Nearby the restaurant there is a taxi stand from where you can hire a taxicab for a day to explore  the city. I am good at bargaining, so I utilised the skill to beat the best of fare

Before delving further into the journey let me give a brief description of our first destination” Darjeeling”.

Darjeeling “Queen of hills”is located in the eastern part of a West Bengal. It is as well known as ” Land of thunder bolt“.  It is one of the most sought after destination in the north eastern states of India.  It is renowned for its dramatic view of Mount Kanchenjunga, flabbergasting  Colonial Banglows, the rope way boast as Asia’s largest, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway recognized by UNESCO World Heritage, the beautiful tea garden and  the awe-inspiring  landscapes.

We made up to go Padmaji Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park. Kids were fascinated to visit the zoo.The zoo didn’t disappoint the youngsters. They were tickled pink to see  Himalayan Barking Deer, the Red Cute Panda, the huge Bear, the Python, the King of jungle” Lion”, Bengal Tiger,Snow Leopard .They were capivated by whole surrounding.

Within the premises of the zoo, there are Indoor Mountain Climbing Stadium and a Himalayan Mountaineering Institute . The charge per head is Rs 50 for rock climbing. The young boys climbed rocks. I was dumbstruck  to witness my brother ,6 years old boy successful in moving up the rock at the first attempt. After that we went on to explore the Himalayan Mountaineering Museum, few steps away from the indoor rock climbing  stadium. It is a huge museum, we had revealed so much about the mountain expeditions.  The Kids got to know about the various equipment use in the expedition. There is a tall statue of Tenzing Norgay -the first person to climb Mount Everest from India and a cafeteria at the adjacent of the museum.

It was an enormously enriching experience for them. They learned a lot about the wildlife.Kids discovered difficulties and obstacles faced by the mountaineers moreover the disciplined and dedication needed to go up the mountain.

We embarked on  our next destination “Rock Garden” locally known as “Barbotey Garden”. It is called The Rock Garden coz all the resting place is made by literally cutting the rocks apart from that It  hosts  amazing flora and a magificent rattling waterfall.The youngsters were enthralled by whole view. They jumped and ran all over  the place. They enjoyed every bit of it.

We proceeded  to our last destination of our day “Japanese Peace Pagoda”. There are two gates in front of the Pagoda . We entered  the first gate ,on it’s left side there is a temple called “Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple” named after its founder Fujii Guruji from Japan. We took off our shoes and went inside the temple .There was a picture of Fujii Guruji. Whole temple was lit up by the diyas and the temple was filled by the fragrance of buddhist’s incense stick. Three of us knelt down and prayed for few seconds.We had Zen like experience in the tranquil environment . I was amazed to see the kids acceptance and respect towards the other religion. Truly travel teaches the kids to be tolerance and acceptance towards the  other’s culture, tradition and religion. It’s a fact that we can’t get to know the people and their tradition unless we immersed ourselves in it.
Afterwards we entered inside the second gate which leaded to Two Storied White Building called “Japanese Peace Pagoda” built in 1972 . The architecture of the Pagoda greatly influenced by typical Japanese style. The Peace Pagoda showcases the four avatars  of a Lord  Buddha. We took a walk around the Pagoda at the circular pinnacle. The view  of Darjeeling landscape including khenchenjuga range from the top of the Pagoda was extraordinary.

It was getting  already dark,so we headed back to the hotel. The whole experience was memorable .

COMING NEXT: Second day trip to Darjeeling ….


Don’t wait for the people or hold back from living your dreams. You could be waiting a long time until someone eventually says yes. There’s only now and if you don’t go, you’ll regret”.

Travel had always been in my mind. I made plans every year , begged my friends and colleagues to join me. Some would say I’ll think about it, another would say not this year. I had been putting off a trip as I was waiting for someone to run with me.

One day, I resolved that I won’t let others keep me far from realising my dreams. It can be unnerving and intimidating travelling alone, especially when you have never executed it before, yet for me growing old without encountering the experiences I always aspire to be is more frightening.

This is how I had started travelling solo, my first solo trip to Goa. I booked flight tickets ,hostels , packed my bag and then boarded the flight to Goa. I landed in Goa at 12:PM. Outside the exit entrance ,the chauffeur was waiting for me holding a chart on which my name was written in big bold letters ,I waved him from exit entrance. And then headed toward my destination – Anjuna where I had pre- booked a hostel named Wishing Well for three days.

Along the way, I was going through so many emotions. I was petrified at the same time excited. Petrified coz I didn’t know anyone there, I had no idea about the place and the people,excited coz I had finally made it.The feeling of being alone in a foreign land was extremely stirring.

It was a six hour journey from Guwahati . I haven’t had anything on the way, my stomach was rumbling, so I held back on the way to quite my growling belly. I had the delicious Goan “curry, vindaloo ” and chappaties.

I reached hostel at around 1:30 PM .I was damned tired , so snuggled inside the blanket.

The next morning I woke up at 5:30 in the morning,freshened up ,set out to explore Anjuna , a small laid back village in the coast of Arabian Sea . Once it was the hub for hippies, but now it is renowned for electric music , rave parties, beach , Wednesday flea market and aqua adventure .

Anjuna beach was walking distance from the hostel. The first thing in the morning, I decided to explore the beach .So I went to the beach . It was a peaceful morning not many people were around , the sun was slowly rising above the horizon ,soaring sound of sea waves and the chirping of the birds made the morning very mystifying .

I being an adventurous soul, thought why not give a shot to aqua adventure. I took a ride on jetskii and tried banana ride .The experience of riding both the water sports were thrilling and terrific .

Whole day I spent on the beach walking one end of a shore to another end ,listening sea waves . As it was Wednesday so I visited the flea market ,did some shopping and watched sunset in the beach .By the evening I was exhausted, went back to the hostel .

The following day I planned to explore nearby areas of Anjuna. Saddest part of the journey is that I couldn’t ride bikes, . My trip would have been very different, if I would have known how to ride bike . You can take a bike in rent , it’s quite affordable and you can go anywhere you desired to. Best mode to explore Goa is by bike. I had to hire a bike and the pilot to explore Anjuna .I hopped from one beach to another – Baga beach,Calungute Beach and Vagator Beach .These beaches are commercial beaches ,many people flock to the beach everyday.These beaches are very popular among the Indian tourist.

I walked from Vagator Beach to Chafora Fort around six kilometres as I wanted to see Goan lives closely.They were humbled enough to show me the direction. Goans are very cordial and welcoming.I found out that they are very helpful .They lead a very simple life.I feel Goan are somewhat laid back.

I halted in between the way,interacted with locals ,they even offered me coconut water. I met a gentle lady, she gave me a hat to save myself from scorching heat. Once I was lost in the middle of nowhere , I was tired and drenched in sweat. I asked for help and a stranger immediately reciprocated,a kind old man dropped me to my destination. You are never alone when you stumble and misstep people are always there to hold your back,you just need to open up and ask for assistance. I was literally moved by their kind gesture. It remainded me that world is still filled with kind hearted people.

After walking one hour ,I was welcomed by a uphill which lead to Chafora fort..I trekked the uphill , eventually made it to Chafora Fort, view from the fort was stunning. I spent few hours there taking pics and chatting with the other travellers.

I was concerned before the trip that if I travel solo I would be alone, but you are surrounded by people all over. You are never alone when you trip. I had made some wonderful friends during my stay in Goa. The reason why I opted to stay in hostels, to meet the other travellers. At hostels you meet people from all over the globe. You get to share ideas and experience with each other. You learn so much about people that way.

Succeeding day I took the bus to Morjim ,I stayed in wonderland hostel.I check out the nearby tourist spot and the beaches : Morjim beach, white sand beach,Ashvem beach and Arambol beach.I plunged in the beach,had sun bath and read novel,I had a relaxing day in Arambol beach.

At night, I visited Morjim beach, it’s a tranquil beach, not many tourists were around. I had a great time gazing at stars, having candle night dinner,enjoying the waves and experiencing the whispering cool breeze..It was such an awe-inspiring experience, couldn’t describe in words.This how I had spent my four days in North Goa.

To hit it short, I had spent another four days exploring South Goa. I travelled by a train to reach south Goa.I stayed there in Red Door Hostel. Palolem beach and Agonda Beach, I liked the most. These two beaches are very serene and less crowded . I spent my days in south Goa playing frisbee on the beach. I had ferried ride to Butterfly Beach from the Palolem beach on the way I had encountered Dolphins. Watching Dolphins swimming in the Ocean were a delicacy to my eye. I had done kayaking. It was an exhilarating moment.

Travelling solo is an extraordinary experience. It can be viewed as terrifying, scary and daunting, particularly if you are female solo traveller. Its like do or die situation, either you sink or swim. You must learn how to pull through in a foreign land.You need to know whom to trust,how to make friends, how you’ll find your way around.

So far , for me travelling alone means diving into the vast ocean of wonderful opportunities to recognize oneself. It is the best way to reach out to oneself. Travelling alone gives you ample time to introspect, discover yourself. Voyaging alone lets you to be the organic you. You don’t need to pretend to be the individual who is not you. It allows you to be truly who you are. Solo travel provides you the opportunity to unburden yourself from all the levels you have hoarded over the time to fit into the norms of society. Under the numerous layer, your true self has been lost somewhere. So it gives you the chance to shed all the layers and identify yourself.

Becoming used to your own company will change the perspective, what’s important, and can even give you clarity of mind to think differently. Going solo presents you with ultimate freedom. It’s just you – what you need, where you need and how you need. There is no one to force you in any one direction. It’s like looking into the mirror, seeing the child you were. It gives you a wake up call. Suddenly you start appreciating everything in your surroundings, you find joy in every little thing. You relish every bit of you. I realised while travelling that life is not about dwelling in luxury rather life is exclusively about being happy.

The greatest gift of travelling solo is the person you become, forever the best version of you. At the end of the journey I became more independent, confident, positive and in sync with my emotions and desires.

I would recommend every solo female traveller to visit Goa once in a lifetime. I feel Goa is one of the safest destination for solo female traveller.

This post is a my way of showing gratitude to all the strangers who had made my stay worthwhile in Goa.

Road Trip …off grid ..Dirang

“Stop worrying about the potholes and enjoy the journey ” – Bobs Hoffman

Journey to Dirang from Tezpur is quite horrifying and frightening as the narrow road unwinding into the hilly terrain turning,twisting and curling ,leaving behind gushing rivers, steep gorges, hurrying waterfalls and aligned pine trees across the road.

“Adventure is worthwhile” – Aristotle.

Dirang is the lesser known hill station situated in the lap of the eastern Himalayan range . This small hill station greets its visitor with spectacular lush green mountains , rattling waterfalls , roaring dirang river and magnetic kiwi and apple orchard . Whole view will awe struck you .

This majestic place is ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life . This small off grid spot couldn’t give you the luxurious experience but it can offer a chance to unwrap yourself in the midst of tranquil and serene atmosphere on the top of that a peace of mind.

The unapologetically beautiful hill station is approximately 200 kms away from Tezpur . Historically , its importance rests in the fact that this was the place where the incumbent of Dalai Lama was received by an envoy of Indian government on his escape from china.

Tourist Spots not to be missed :

  1. Dezong :

This fort was made to protect Bomdila, from its neighbouring kingdoms during the 17th century. Fortress stand tall in the face of its foe. During historic vithenam war and in the world war the Dezong was used as jail as well as shelter home.

Moreover, this place was a large battlefield of ruler of Tawang and the Mongolian invader from China in the 16 th century.

Though it is in the verge of ruins, every stone of the fort speaks out loud its history.

Dirang Basti is a few kilometres away from the main Dirang town which houses Dezong. Dezong is a stone house constructed in ancient Buddhist architectural design , greatly influence from the architectural style of our adjacent neighbouring countries Bhutan and Tibet . Some of the Dezong is as primitive as 500 Years . You will be welcomed to Dazong by a stone staircase which runs to a gate and a prayer wheel, traditional buddhist mantra “om mane padme hum ” is written all over it.

Small village is situated in and around the Dezong . The horizon of the whole area from Dezong is stunning.

2 . Sangti Valley :

The paranomic valley is 30 km from the Dirang . It is 36 minutes ride from the main town, lies in the Eastern Himalayan . Though the valley has motorable road, the best mode to explore the valley by foot. It is renowned for its terrific landscape, situated right near the Sangti river bank.

“Collect the moment , not things “- Unknown

There is nothing much to do . The Best way to spent time by getting cosy with the nature , relaxing , taking a sip of local tea ( milk and butter tea ) , reading a favourite novel and watching animals grazing nearby nearby the river.

If you are lucky enough you may encounter Black Neck Crane , migratory birds . This rare bird which is found only in colder regions like Bhutan and China . This exotic Crane comes every year in the valley to breed.

You may opt for trekking and camping . While trekking You make way to Apple and kiwi farm . Stroll around the beautiful Kiwi and Apple orchards and enjoy the pleasant weather.

You can even taste the ethnic delicacy Thukpa (soup noodles) , Fing ( spaghetti with fermented cheese ), Tee momos ( steamed dough ) and Ara ( local alcoholic beverage ) .

“To travel is to evolve” – Pirre Bernado.

One thing we find out from the natives is how to lead a happy life in a minimalist means. Houses are built of woods, furniture are made of bamboo and even the clothes worn by them are interwoven by a traditional method. You will be baffled to discover how the ethnic tribe ( Monpa ) endure their lives in harmony with the nature . You will take a lifetime experience and knowledge that’ll be cherished life long.

3 . Hot Spring :

Garam Pani ” is the local name of hot spring .It is considered holy , located a few kilometres away from the townsfolk. Need to climb down a series of stairs to arrive at the hot springs. It is conceived that this small spring has magical healing power . The holy spring has medicinal properties , as the water is rich in sulphur content . Hence this magical hot springs can cure all types of skin diseases . A plunge in the spring is must to get rid of all sorts of dermis problem and to rejuvenate.

4 . Kalachakra Monastery (Gompa) :

This grandeur monument alias Gompa is 500 years old . It is sited at the top of Kalachra village. In 1983 His holiness Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of bhuddist had intiated the kalachara religious ceremony at this monastery . You can interact with the monks residing in the Gompa learn about its mysterious history and Mahayana Bhuddist philosophy. Enchant mantra ‘s in the pious and serene environment . Dive into spiritual and holistic experience .

5 . National Research Center on Yak :

This research center is walking distance from the Dirang Town . The Yak research center is established to conserve and bring improvement in yak varieties. Nearly 500 different varieties of yaks are there. This institute is one of the biggest research institute on yak in India. Apart from the conservation of yak it also educates the locals regarding th rearing of yak scientifically. It is one of the must visit tourists spots .


“Life is a either a daring adventures or nothing at all ” – Hellen killer

National Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports is one of kind of institute in Arunachal Pradesh . It is situated at the elevation of 800 feet, spread over 52 acre areas . The campus of the Institute has hostels . It provides wide range of adventrous activities apart of mountaineering course .It offers paragliding , skiing, canoening ,river rafting many more . Adventure seekers may have thriling experience, iceing on the cake is phenomenal view of Dirang valley from NIIMAS.


Thembang is one of the oldest villages in India, located a few kilometres from Dezong.The ancient hamlet is situated at an 2300 altitude. It is surrounded by green forests mountains , steep gorges and cloud hovering mountains. It is very peaceful and charming village .

Its rich historical and cultural importance trace back to medieval era . During that era this village was governed by the powerful ruler Thembang Babu, descendants of the king of Tibet. It has seen many wars, evident from two huge walls of stone used as forts for the protection of the hamlet.

Till yet modernization and urbanization haven’t touched this beautiful old village. It is the best place to witness the traditional lifestyle and rich cultural heritage of Monpa ethnic tribal community .

8.TDL monastery :

Thumsang Dhargye Ling Monastery is the newest monastery which is inaugurated in 2017 by His holiness Dalai Lama . Architecture of monastery, its decoration and painting is worth watching . There is guest house for visitors inside the monastery premises.

It is a centre of learning buddhism philosophy for all , even foreigners can learn . Locals they come to monastery to learn Tibetan , Buddhism philosophy and pray , keep its culture alive.

9. 108 Stupas :

108 Stupas is commonly known as” 108 Mane ” located on mandela hilltop at the height of 3204 m , around 10 km from Dirang . 108 Mane is the first of its kind in India. 108 pillars are built in five concentric circles where the mantra “om mane padme hum” is inscribed on them .

Chanting of these mantra 108 times regarded as dharmic practice . It is believed chanting of the mantra bring our body , mind and soul in alignment revealing deep wisdom for tolerance . The chanting of this mantra helps in eliminating negativity and evil thoughts . Inscription of the mantra is very prominent in all religions place in buddhist areas

Mandela Top is an important religious site apart from that it has rich biodiversity . This place attract religious pligrims and tourist.

HOW TO REACH : Arrive Guwahati either by Airways or Railways. Take ASTC bus or Cab to Dirang. Hiring cab would be quite expensive.

WHERE TO STAY : Hotels and homestays are available in and around Dirang.

FOODING : Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian cuisine are served in every eate.

Untouched, unexplored and raw : Bhalukpong

Bhalukpong is the small hamlet in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh . It shares borders with the neighbouring state Assam .It is the gateway to western Arunachal Pradesh . It is an ideal tourist destination for anybody who desires to explore the unexplored Arunachal Pradesh.

It is skirted by a dense evergreen woods and mountain. Its scenic beauty is breathe taking .

Take a glimpse of the gigantic Lumum Waterfall streaming down the mount . Taking dip under a waterfall is a terrific experience for any nature lovers . You can visit this water fall with or with out any guide .

Watch migratory birds diving in the river. Adventure seeker may enjoy river rafting . Give way for mountain trekking . You even opt for angling and camping .

You can go for wildlife safari in Pakke Tiger Reserve few kilometres away from Bhalukpong .

The Pakke Tiger Reserve is a pristine and most stunning landscape teeming with some of the most uncommon species of flora and fauna. If you are lucky , you may encounter the tiger, barking deer, wild boars,wild asiatic dog , elephant and many more .

This wild life reserve is a paradise for viewing and photographing hornbills, state bird of Arunachal Pradesh . The experience of watching hornbills flying to their roost is must for every wildlife enthusiast .

This little valley is a heaven for Shopaholic mammals. Every thursday and sunday you can shop in the flea market . Wide varieties of shopping options are available from clothing to souvenir.

Asia’s second largest orchid is here . See wonderful and rare orchid species . The place has one of the largest assemblage of rare orchids in the Country. One can see the exotic orchids . Discover more about the wild orchids and enrich your knowledge .

It is best place for artists as they can work in tranquil environment in the lap of nature.

You may learn about its rich history, visiting burnt rice site, Dadzeling . It is a heritage site of Hrusso Aka tribe, the indigenous people of Bhalukpong . It has paramount importance in the history of the Arunachal Pradesh .

Interact with the natives, experience the way they endure. Locals of this space are very Cordial and humble . They can speak both Hindi and English . You will take in the most memorable and a lifetime experiences .

1. How to reach : Land The Gopinath Bordoloi Airport or arrive the Guwahati Railway station . Have one day ,strolling the Guwahati City . Next day board the buses or traveller, set for the four hour journey to Tezpur. Take a mini bus or cruiser to reach Bhalukpong , within an hour you will reach the destination.

2. Inner Line Permit : At Bhalukpong check post meet the person who will help you to clear the required permit , cost around 100 rupees within no time .

3.Where to stay : Numerous budget friendly hotels and Homestays are there in that respects . Book through any website in advance .
OTHER OPTION : Goverment Circuit House and Inspection Banglows .

4 . Food : Pocket friendly Indian , Chinese and Continental dishes served in every eating house .

5. Best time to visit : October to April .

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Journey has just begun……..

Travelling has always been my passion. Since childhood it has been my aspiration. I was born and brought up in the below middle class folk. Money was always been a cause of vexation. it always seems a distant dream. My mind and soul randomly travels to an obscure spot. Sometimes it swims with with Dolphins, other times it flies with the white cotton clouds. Later its trek along the mountain ranges covered with snow. Travelling means different things to different people, but for me, it’s the medium through which I can feel the gentle wind of freedom. Just the thinking of travelling to an unexplored place, makes me sick, excited and filled me with umangious energy. The feeling which I experience could not be explained with words. Words are not enough to convey. I have always been a wishful thinker.Throughout all the time, I simply wanted to travel. I have no idea how to follow up on my passion. I don’t possess the right resources and information. My parents and friends laughed at me whenever I partake in my thinkings. They reckon I’m crazy, foolish chasing wild dream that never turn into realities. When I became an adult… my desire to travel grew bigger and larger. My fascination reaches the zenith. I started to assemble all the necessary information needed to fuel my undying passion to see the unknown, unheard and unexplored places.I started living my dream at the age of 35.Being a single women its quite difficult as well easy to be a backpacker at the this age.Difficult cause we have to think about our financial security and easy as we don’t have the responsibility and liability. The joy ,the happiness and peace I experienced is unprecedented. The journey has already begun……….

Spare time……to explore….beauty of nature.

We forget the important things in our lives and keep on worrying about useless things. We often forget to observe carefully,fail to attend minute details which make our lives worth living. In the pursuit of happiness, we get tangled in the scaffolding of anxiety, deeper and deeper. To break away the grip of scaffolding seems impossible. We tend to become farsighted when it comes to happiness. We need to be myopic to see the and literally to feel the abundance of happiness around us. Somebody has rightly said “happiness is the state of mind and body”. I would remember today’s morning for ever. I usually wake up late, but today I woke up early as I have important work to complete. I have finished my work . I have still more time in hand. I did not know what to do with it. I decided to do what I have been thinking about a year. So, I grabbed my phone and went outside. I have been thinking of improving my photography skills. Going close to nature is the best way to start . I felt cool soothing breeze which was quite refreshing. My skin felt light and calm.Gushing of winds felt healing music to my ears .Rustling of leaves filled my body with the vibrant energy.It was the most amazing morning,I ever experienced. For the first time I realized that I have such a pristine and beautiful nature around me. My heart filled with gratitude and felt blessed.