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Trevor Warman, backpacker since 1991, hails from a small town north of London. Former mountain runner and a road cyclist. Budget traveller and an amazing story teller. A man who has bad experience in India but still loves many things about the country.

In no more than 100 words tell me how you started traveling?

I was walking through England and Scotland in 1990. Was chatting to a girl in a hotel for the summer season. I asked her at she did in winter. She said she took off to Australia, a bit of traveling. said she loved it. When I got home, I booked a RTW ticket.

How many countries you have visited?

95 countries

What made you fall in love with traveling?

I didn’t exactly enjoy my first trip. Wrong place, wrong time. I was not ready. But I tried again few years later and haven’t look back since. The freedom, simple life, the experiences, the people. It has become a way of life.

What’s your travel style?

I’m a backpacker. Budget traveler.

Honestly, how can you afford to travel so much? Would you like to give a practical day to day example of your cost involved?

I try to spend as little as possible. I like to travel light and so I can walk from the train or the bus station. Give legs a good stretch after sitting all day. Even in Bangkok with the summer heat, I would walk from the train station to Kon San Road. It’s not as far as taxi driver tells you it is.

I never say that my budget is for example, 10 dollar a day. In Europe you can’t get a take away for that yet in Kenya where I am now, I have room, a kitchen and a cleaner.

So most places I go, after a few days I know what things cost. I calculate what, I think can be classed as ‘my daily spending allowance.’ I put this amount in my pocket and when it’s gone that’s it for the day.

I’m not a fan of museums. I’d rather look at a lake or mountain than other loads of artifacts. I don’t have budget to go on Big Game Safaris here in Africa. I work hard at home and then take off quite a while and am without a income for a duration. The less I spend, the longer I stay away. Paying 1000 dollar for 6 day hiking up Kilimanjaro is simply not for me. That’s 3 months budget. If I am in Europe, I tighten my belt. In cheaper countries I can relax a bit.

Do you get burn out by constant traveling? If so, then how do you deal with it?

Yes, I have done in the past. I have learnt to take things slower. Stop being the tourist. Just hung out. Don’t wait untill you get burn out before you slow down.

What’s one thing you feel your life is missing?

A place to call mine. A place to return home to in between bouts of crazy traveling.

Have you ever fall in love on the road? Tell me about it?

Yes. Behar from Iran. I met her in Armenia. She was gorgeous. Her eyes, her smile, her personality too. I saw a photo of her other day. I still miss her.

How do you think that the tourism industries are going to change post corona?

Life will get back to normal, eventually. Many businesses won’t have survived but new ones will start. Everyone will be so desperate to go traveling or holiday again. I am not sure how it will change exactly.

Questions related to travel in India:

When did you visit India?

2008, 7 weeks and 2010/2011, 4 and 1/2 months.

What was your first impression of India?

It’s chaotic in the extreme yet still manages to functions.

What do you think about indians? Don’t be diplomatic…honest answer please.

The parts where Indians form a crowd around you and stare. We are just not so used to it.

Trevor in India
Trevor in India

What’s the best meal you have eaten in India?

Aloo gobi and rice in Hampi.

What was you’re most rewarding experience, traveling in India?

India has it all . Too hard to pin just one thing. Sunset in Goa, the hill stations of Munnar, helping to serve food to the homeless in kolkotta.

What’s the most entertaining story you have about getting lost in India?

I rarely get lost. And never in India.

If you could never travel again but could pick any city to be confined to, which city of India would you pick and why?

City: Darjeeling; cooler, higher, bigger mix of ethnic groups.


State: If I would be confined to staying in one state, I’d say Sikkim. Reasons as above plus hiking and food. I love yak cheese.

What advice would you give to someone traveling to India for the first time?

Don’t drink the tap water, even if it says it’s safe to drink.

Finally, would you like to visit India again?


Thank you so much Trevor for participating in an interview, loved your honest answers.

Guys be sure to read all his unusual travel stories.

Trevor blogs at

You can follow him on Twitter @NomadicBackpac1


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