Interview With Travel Blogger Bob

Bob and his wife's picture in front of Taj Mahal.
Retired United States Navy air traffic controller;
First cruise was in 1981 as a teenager, have been cruising with spouse since 1995.
He travels to seek out different cultures and discover cultural differences, objectively- Then, tell those stories to others, in hopes their prejudices will be diminished.
To date, they have been on 33 cruises and counting.

Who are you and what you do?

My name is Bob, and I’m retired from the American Navy in 2018.

How did you get started cruising/writing?

I grew up with The Love Boat television
series, and began to cruise as an adult
since the mid 1990s. I began writing
because I enjoy documenting stories of

What is so great about cruising?

It is decided different than the experience in the navy. Seriously, the seafaring aspect is most enjoyable; just being underway, with entertainment, a new port every day or two, and potentially meeting several new culture in a single trip.


Are you a short or long term cruiser?

If you are referring to the actual length of cruise, I prefer no less than 10 nights, with 14 – 15 days being perfect.

What is actually on cruise? Is cruising expensive?

I’ll take second question first, as it is a focal point for me when someone beings this up-it can’t be, with clear conscience, termed expensive or cheap for other than the person making the vacation investment-rather, it should be quantified.

How much is something/what is included in the fare, etc…and each individual can decide cheap through expensive under his/own definition. I have been on cruises I consider expensive, but in those cases, it was somewhere I really wanted to be. I have been on fairly cheap ones, and those are generally welcome, too.

How do you fund your travel?

With retirement income and the occasional bank robbery. (Second part is quite untrue)


Do you some times get bored on cruise?


Do people get seasick on cruise?

Some do. Depending on their
relationship with their physician, an
individual may wish to consult regarding Dramamine.
For a natural solution, I can
highly recommend Green Apples &
Ginger Ale.


Best tips for first time cruiser?

Thoroughly research your destination and the ship.

The more you know about the deck plans, and services offered-the quicker you can begin to enjoy your vacation.


What should person pack for a cruise?

This totally depends on the type of cruise and the passengers.

My recommendation is they should dress their best for the cruise line’s advertised dress code and region.

What has been your favorite city, and why ?

Oia, Santorini. It is a lovely place
to be.

Do you have any inspiration for traveling or writing ?

Yes. Start with actively maintaining your objectivity.
Engage with cultures and write what
you experience, whether you liked it
or not. Do NOT disparage a cruise
line, destination, or any other region
because of any personal bias.

In fact, if you can’t or don’t take pride in engaging diversity, stay home.


If you were to stop traveling and find somewhere to grow some roots and call home, where would this be and why?

Right where I’m at. San Diego, California.

Which one is your favorite blog?..leave a link below. I would love to read.

With due modesty…. my own
is. I enjoy storytelling.


Another I’d recommend is one based on what is happening with the industry. I would love to read.


What travel has taught you?

That cultural barriers and prejudices be faded away if people travel with open mind, and kindness.


Questions related to travel in India:

When did you visit India ?

December 2018.

What was your first impression of India?

Wonderful, controlled chaos.

Which part of India you have visited? Tell us briefly about that.

Jaipur, Agra & New Delhi.

Can you share a moment that you’be experienced a surprise on your travel in India?

The realization of what some people will do to survive; such as, while training bears to dance is an abhorrent largely stopped by laws enforcement.

Some villages still practice this to generate a little income in order to survive.

Have you had any bad experiences while traveling in India?

Just one. A taxi driver hired for a specific set of sights and time, wanted to take us to several sights. 2 hours beyond our ones already seen-when we had repeatedly indicated we were through for the day.

Note: This went far beyond hospitality
one might normally expect, but came
very close to feeling trapped-until we
made enough of a point for him to return us to our lodgings.

Give your best tips for those who is traveling to India for the first time?

Go with a kind heart; Embrace the culture, people and food.

Finally, Describe India in four words.

Wonderful, Vibrant, Warm, Congested.

It was such a wonderfull and enlightening interview with Bob.

Guys do visit his blog https://wordpress.

Follow him on Twitter @AbroadInnocents


  1. cheriewhite says:

    Thank you for the tips for first time cruises! I’ve been planning to take my first cruise for a while now. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and travel will be more doable!

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    1. Meerykhati says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by and going through the post. Am glad it may help you.

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      1. cheriewhite says:

        You’re very welcome.

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  2. Jeric Urbayo says:

    This is amazing. If you need more bloggers, hit on me.

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