Interview With Travel Blogger – Karla Obispo

Q.Tell me about yourself, your family and your everyday life.

My name is Karla Obispo. Many people think that I am a full-time blogger, but they are wrong. I am a teacher on weekdays and a student on weekends. I only blog when I have extra time, but I make sure to update it at least once a week.


Q. How did you Conceive the idea of “Travel with Karla”?

I started using that brand when I was in Korea. A lot of Filipinos are quite curious about the places I visit whenever I am traveling. Some say that they feel that they are traveling with me whenever they read my blogs or watch my vlogs. So, I came up to the idea of using “Travel with Karla”.

Q. What goals did you have when you first started “Travel with Karla”? Have they changed overtime?

Initially, my goal is just to record my story. I want to have an online journal so I can immortalize my travel experiences. Now that I have more than a hundred thousand followers on my social media, I am trying to help some businesses to connect with their target audience. I still have the same goals of sharing my personal experiences, but I also share other people’s experiences by featuring them on my page.

Q. Were you a adventurer when you were young? If not what inspire you to travel?

When I was young, I only have three places to visit: home, school, and church. I never really tried exploring different places. I started exploring when I tried working abroad. To avoid being homesick, I used all my day offs visiting different tourist attractions.

Q. As I know you are a teacher and me myself being teacher, know that teaching is a demanding job. Apart of this you run a website where you publish and share travel stories. You travel alot too. Ah! That’s alot of work. How do you manage? Have you ever burnout or felt like walking away from all this?

I make time for my passion. I treat my website as my baby. LOL. I make a list of things to do and try to finish them according to the deadlines. As much as possible, I make a blog within one week to keep the information fresh.

I remember last year, I tried traveling every weekend for one month straight. At first, I thought it is fun, but it is exhausting. I think nothing beats the comfort of being at home with the whole family.

Q. What keeps you going?

I think there is no reason to stop. As they say, great power comes with great responsibility. Now that I have a big audience, I make sure to post something that can inspire, inform, educate, and entertain them.

Q. How much time do you spend working each day?

In the morning, I try to create a content either for blog, vlog, or Instagram. I start my actual work from 12nn and end it at 9pm. I am a normal employee who works 8 hours a day.

Q. Name your top three adventures? And why they are so special?

Trip to Korea – My first trip to Korea is the most memorable one for me. I came to the country without learning the language. I have learned to be independent during my stay there.

A girl inside a shop in korea
Shop in Korea

5 Things I Miss About Korea

Trip to Japan – I fell in love with Japanese food and culture! I was tempted to search for jobs in Japan so I can stay longer haha!

A girl in Japanese temple
Japanese Temple

JAPAN: 5 Days Budget Itinerary

Trip to Singapore – I enjoyed the wildlife in Singapore. It is super inspiring how they take care of the animals there. I was also surprised about their diverse culture.

A girl on bridge in singapore

Singapore: 4 Days Budget Itinerary

Q. How have you changed as a person since you began your adventure?

I think traveling opened me to different cultures. I became more open minded. It made me a storyteller.

Q. What is the most most valuable or profound lesson you’ve learnt on road?

Make friends. I think it is beautiful to get to know people from different cultures. It gives you a different perspective in life.

Q. What do you think constitute a fulfilling life?

For me, a fulfilling life is a life with a purpose. Its a life that gives glory, honor, and praise to God by serving others.

Q. When you travel to the far corners of the earth, do you feel like world Shirks or grows?

I think it grows! It amazes me how God created all things beautiful.

Q. What impact you want to make in people’s life through “Travel with Karla”?

I hope in the future, people remember Travel with Karla as a brand that inspires people. Not only to travel but to live a full life.

Q. What advice do you have for people who want to travel but feel financially stuck?

1. Accept extra job. Work. Save. Travel.

2. Do not borrow money to travel. Do not live beyond your means.

3. Join Contest! I experienced lots of travel/accomodation/services by joining contests.

Thank you so much Karla for participating on my interview series with travel bloggers.

I would like to request my fellow bloggers and wordpress community to go through her blog:

Travel with Karla

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Twitter: @karlaobispo

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  1. Wow! I also follow Travel with Karla, and I find her amazing. Thanks to this post. God bless!

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    1. Meerykhati says:

      Thank you so much for following …followed you back.

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  2. vinneve says:

    That is nice to read a successful blogger in her own right. I just want to wish you a Happy New Year.

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    1. Meerykhati says:

      Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you too.

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  3. Such an interesting and inspiring interview!
    – TishGirl❤️

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      1. You’re welcome!😊


        1. By the way, I’ve nominated you for an award. Feel free to check it out on my blog if you wish!🙂

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          1. Meerykhati says:

            Thank you so much for the award…am honoured.

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            1. Anytime? Will you be participating in the award (no pressure)?🙂

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              1. Meerykhati says:

                Give me sometime. Will get back to you soon. Thank You

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                1. Of course! Take all the time you need!🙂

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